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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum!

你正在寻找一个很好的机会加入一个充满活力的公司吗, local community of life-long learners, while simultaneously meeting and sharing information with Guests from around the world? 有关更多信息,请在下面的列表中选择“讲解员”.



Volunteer Description:
Docents are trained volunteers who engage Museum guests through the sharing of natural history and conservation stories to foster a better understanding and appreciation of the Sonoran Desert region. 讲解员使人们能够与自然世界更好地和谐相处. 讲解员是所有年龄、各行各业和教育背景的成年人. Docent responsibilities include:

  1. 为所有客人,志愿者和员工提供优质的客户服务.
  2. Facilitating rich and rewarding guest experiences by being friendly, approachable and helpful.
  3. Teaching guests, in an informal setting, 索诺兰沙漠及其人民的故事, plants, animals, geology and climate, and the interrelationships among them.
  4. Teaching about the role of zoos in conservation, and the Museum’s conservation work.
  5. Sparking engaging conversations that inspire guests to conservation action by conveying empathy and enthusiasm.
  6. 为所有年龄段的客人提供便利的动手教育活动和游戏.
  7. 分享保护信息和建议的行动.
  8. 吸引公众参与现场项目和活动,如专业旅游, weddings, 公司活动和清凉夏夜.
  9. Presenting live animals to museum guests (Docents must successfully complete at least one year in the program before they are eligible to work with live animals)
这是一个很好的机会加入一个充满活力的, local community of life-long learners while simultaneously meeting Guests from around the world. Docents receive in-depth training in natural history and interpretation methods and are also provided access to continuing education opportunities. 积极的博物馆志愿者享有包括免费会员在内的福利, 礼品店和餐馆的折扣, and Service Merit Awards.
这个职位的志愿者必须能够往返于博物馆, 因为博物馆无法提供交通工具, 而且没有公共交通工具. 这个位置最适合那些能自如地在公众面前演讲的人, 或者希望提高他们的公共演讲技巧, 对于那些对学习感兴趣的人, and sharing what they learn, 与参观者分享自然保育知识. Successful applicants are friendly, adaptable, 能自如地与不同群体的人交流, comfortable interacting with children, 兴奋地向人们介绍自然世界的奇观, and able to learn and remember the Desert Museum’s safety procedures and protocols. Applicants should be aware that the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum contains approximately two miles of outdoor trails with uneven terrain and wild animals. Docents must be able to move around the Museum and they may also be exposed to heat, cold, wind, rain, and sun for long periods of time. 讲解员在轮班期间也可能遇到自由漫游的有毒动物. Applicants must be able to attend the first cycle of trainings happening on each Saturday in October (October 5, 12, (19和26),并在2025年至少再增加一个培训周期. More information about Docent Training, 包括所有课程的具体日期和时间, can be found on the Docent Website: http://dgs.desinova.net/center/edu/docents.php
Current Openings:
Volunteer Description:
Volunteers in this position are stationed around the front patio and they support Guest Services staff by approaching museum Guests and welcoming them in a friendly manner. Volunteers in this position are also the Museum’s first impression for Guests and they are essential when it comes to creating a welcoming and informative museum experience.

  1. 接近参观者(不论团体大小)并欢迎他们参观博物馆
  2. 引导客人到适当的入口线,以保持活动
  3. 建议访客成为博物馆会员
  4. 分发地图并提供每日节目/即将发生的事件的信息
  5. 协助政府工作人员取回轮椅
  6. Assisting GS staff by retrieving electric scooters and demonstrating their use to Guests
  7. 帮助回答或解决各种网上买球十大正规平台者的问题或关切
  8. 在客人离开时,监督出口大门并向客人致谢
  9. Collecting Lost & 找到物品并交给GS工作人员
这是一个与来自世界各地的客人见面的好机会, 同时分享你对索诺兰沙漠地区的热情. 积极的博物馆志愿者享有包括免费会员在内的福利, 礼品店和餐馆的折扣, and Service Merit Awards.
Physical requirements: Applicants must be able to maneuver around the front patio areas and be comfortable working in winter cold and summer heat.

Skills/knowledge required: Applicants must demonstrate excellent customer service skills and be comfortable interacting with a diverse population of Guests (i.e.: age, race, gender, etc.).

Other Requirements: Volunteers in this position must be available to attend a one hour training session for each year they volunteer.

Current Openings:
Various days and shifts available
Volunteer Description:
Volunteers in this position are stationed indoors in the beautiful Ironwood Gallery. Volunteers in this role act as a friendly and knowledgeable representatives of the Museum while monitoring the gallery exhibition space. 职责包括(但不限于):加强画廊规则, assisting with clerical tasks, organizing materials, answering phone calls, 协助艺术品的销售,保持展览空间的整洁.
This is a great opportunity for anyone who enjoys being around creative, like-minded people. Art Institute volunteers have the chance to interact with museum guests from around the world; they also receive first-hand access to new gallery exhibits, 特色艺术家和特别的艺术学院节目. If you're looking for a position that offers the flexibility to work on your own projects (in between gallery visitors), this is the environment for you! 积极的博物馆志愿者享有包括免费会员在内的福利, 礼品店和餐馆的折扣, and Service Merit Awards.
Applicants must be able to make a 3-6 month commitment, volunteering 3 hours, once a week. Applicants should be comfortable and be open to selling (or learning how to sell) artwork. 将对所有从事销售工作的志愿者进行背景调查.
Current Openings:
Sun, Mon, Thurs or Sat morning; and Mon, Thurs or Sat afternoon
Volunteer Description:
The Raptor Free Flight program hosts one demonstration per day during the fall through spring seasons. RFF的藏品包括索诺兰沙漠原生的掠食性鸟类. The RFF demonstrations feature free-flighted birds in a desert setting (the birds are loose and are not presented on the glove). 志愿者协助项目的各个方面, including husbandry, demonstration setup, 积极参与示范——保持创造行为, 叫手套,提示鸟儿栖息.
This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about birds of prey- their natural history, their behavior, 正确的处理技巧和在圈养中照顾它们所需要的. 猛禽自由飞行志愿者将学习有关猎鹰的信息, 操作性条件反射技术和选择能力训练的哲学. 积极的博物馆志愿者享有包括免费会员在内的福利, 礼品店和餐馆的折扣, and Service Merit Awards.
申请人必须年满18岁方可参加. 这个职位的志愿者承诺一周一次, 9月中旬至4月中旬(上午8:30至下午12:30). 申请人必须能够蹲伏45分钟, stand upright quickly, run a mile, 并能稳定地举起/搬运40磅的重物. Applicants need to be comfortable volunteering outdoors in all weather conditions including rain and cold inclement conditions, 在野生沙漠环境中也有仙人掌, loose footing, wild snakes, scorpions, etc. For the safety of the animals - applicants must be able to think quickly in demanding situations, 认真倾听并沟通与动物需求相关的决定. Applicants should have a clear understanding of the boundaries of animal interactions. 申请人被要求提交三份推荐信. 申请将接受到6月 & 面试将安排在七月和八月. Once training has begun, 在赛季开始前,将有四周的试用期.
Current Openings:
周一,周二,周五或周六- 8:30 -12:30
Volunteer Description:
Volunteers in this position help and support Security staff by walking around the Museum's grounds and providing guest services to those they encounter. 职责包括(但不限于):帮助客人找到他们的路, explaining the grounds maps, 协助保安员处理与安全有关的工作, 并协助日常动物计划.
This is a great outdoor opportunity that allows volunteers to enjoy the Museum while sharing their enthusiasm with guests from around the world. 积极的博物馆志愿者享有包括免费会员在内的福利, 礼品店和餐馆的折扣, and Service Merit Awards.
Applicants must be able to make a 6 month commitment, volunteering for 4 hours once a week. 申请人必须能够站立至少45分钟, be comfortable working outdoors, have good communication skills and be able to provide excellent customer service. Volunteers in this position are required to purchase an official volunteer t-shirt ($13).
Current Openings:
multiple days and shifts available

If a position aligns with your interests and availability, please fill out the following form:

Volunteer Application Form

如果您在网上买球十大正规平台在线申请时遇到困难,请打印 this application form (PDF) and mail it to Volunteer & 实习项目协调员(Mike Walker): 2021 N. Kinney Road, Tucson, AZ 85743.

如果您有任何问题或需要其他信息, 请不要犹豫,给志愿者打电话 & 实习项目协调员(Mike Walker),电话:520-883-3082 mwalker@desinova.net.

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